Flow Through Donation Financing (“FTDF”) has grown from an alternative source of exploration and development capital to an important and material source of capital for companies at the forefront of discovery and development that ensures the long-term economic health of Canada’s resource industry.

Oberon is the market leader in arranging Flow Through Donation Financings having originated over $600 million in 175 financings with over 80 issuers.

In all Flow Through Donation Financing transactions, Oberon works with the brokerage community to arrange for the subscription, donation and sale of flow through shares to institutional investors globally. These ultimate investors may be existing shareholder relationships or new strategic investor relationships of the issuer, investors sourced by the issuer’s underwriter, or any of Oberon’s global institutional investor relationships.

Oberon earns its revenue from fees paid by our clients. Neither Oberon nor any of its partners or employees earn any revenue from issuers of flow through shares or underwriters of flow through financings.

Please contact Eva Koci or David LeClaire if you are interested in working with Oberon.