Oberon provides a seamless, efficient and proven service for charities that encourages major donors to accelerate and increase their commitments without any increase in fundraising costs by substantially reducing the donor’s after-tax cost of giving.

Oberon’s Flow Through Donation Benefit (“FTDB”) is a series of transactions in which donors subscribe to flow through shares, a 30-year old Government of Canada sponsored tax incentive program, that are immediately donated to the charity. Oberon provides the charity immediate liquidity to deliver cash to the charity on closing. The subscription, donation and sale of the securities all happen on the same day to deliver the funds pledged by the donor to the charity in cash net of all fees and expenses.

$100,000 pledged is $100,000 received in cash in the hands of your chosen charity, again net of all fees and expenses.  Oberon coordinates and executes every aspect of the FTDB so the charity is free to focus on its core fundraising activities.

Oberon’s FTDB fits easily into any major gift fundraising strategy and is applicable to any Canadian registered public charity, private foundation or community foundation. For smaller grass-roots charities, donations may be routed through Oberon’s Donor Advised Fund (“DAF”) as a robust and efficient method to encourage and manage major gifts.

Oberon works upfront to educate charities to ensure they are fully compliant with their governance regime to accept and sell gifts of shares under the FTDB. Oberon will help any charity achieve greater fundraising success by educating senior donors and their tax and financial advisors on the established credibility and benefits of the FTDB.

Please contact Norm Brownstein to learn more