Flow Through Donation Benefit

Making a charitable gift to an important cause is a very personal choice.  Once that choice has been made, Oberon’s Flow Through Donation Benefit (“FTDB”) can help you increase and accelerate the impact of your gift by significantly lowering its after-tax cost.  In all Canadian jurisdictions, a $100,000 gift will cost between $5,000 – $15,000 (5% – 15%) after-tax.  Thus for the same after-tax cost of a traditional cash gift, donors may increase their gifts by over 200%.

Oberon’s FTDB is a proven format for major donors to give individually or corporately, through either an operating or holding company, in the most efficient manner possible.  Participation is straightforward and needs only a few moments of your time to complete the documentation.  Once an appropriate transaction is identified and completed by Oberon, your charity will receive your gift in full net of fees and expenses within two (2) business days of closing and often on the day of closing.

Lastly, Oberon’s team will work closely with each donor’s financial and tax advisors to ensure that the FTDB transaction they are contemplating meets not only the donor’s gift intentions but is also appropriate for their unique income and tax circumstances.

Please contact Norm Brownstein to learn more.