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What We Do

Philanthropic Tax Planning

Real Benefits.
Real Impact.

Oberon has facilitated over CAD$1.6 billion of Charity Flow-Through (“CFT”) financings over the last 15 years, significantly enhancing its clients’ giving power and transforming the lives of the people they support.

Oberon has managed over CAD$450 million in donations by senior Canadian philanthropists to registered charities across Canada. Our trusted CFT model significantly reduces the after-tax cost of giving, allowing donors to increase and accelerate their gifting to charities of their choice.

Oberon’s CFT product is a proven format for major donors to give individually or corporately, through either an operating or holding company, in the most efficient manner possible.

How it Works

Step 1

Donors buy flow-through shares to access their tax benefits

Step 2

Donors gift the shares to the Canadian charity of their choice

Step 3

Charities immediately sell the shares to an institutional or strategic investor



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Oberon assists Canadian philanthropists in expanding and accelerating their gifting and its trusted Charity Flow-Through financing model also helps individuals and Canadian private corporations with their specific tax planning goals.

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